We are a Massachusetts based training firm. Since our inception back in 2003, our training has been delivered to both public and private sectors.  Our approach to safety and security is a holistic concept where we believe trained public safety officials and civilian frontline employees make up a two prong approach for protecting their environment.  

The combination of high patron volumes in confined areas in a system with no screening makes such places an ideal terror target.

Presently there is no level of patron screening at "soft targets" such as:

  • Mass Transit Systems
  • Non-secure public areas of airports
  • Public Areas of Sporting and Concert Events
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Public Areas of Theme Parks
  • Government Facilities.

Schools present a different challenge.  Learning institutions can be taught preventative measures as well as reactive measures in order to keep their community safe.

The only viable alternative is to screen for intent in order to identify potential high risk individuals entering critical infrastructure for the intent to do harm through the analysis of behavior pattern observation

PHI training  provides training to develop skills on how to recognize suspicious patterns and indicators of individuals who are observed to be displaying high-risk behavior.

Trained civilian front-line employees, teachers, security professionals and law enforcement professionals will be able to examine scores of patrons per minute to isolate the potential high-risk patron and determine if such potential high-risk patron is a threat to their environment thus warranting the need for law enforcement intervention.

 Co-Founder Todd McGhee's interview with Jim Broade after the Boston Marathon attack.

Co-Founder Todd McGhee's interview with Jim Broade after the Boston Marathon attack.

Currently existing security continuums make soft targets attractive for terrorist attacks due to minimal security resources which can cripple critical infrastructure systems and disrupt our United States economy.